Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Launch this baby today!

No more waiting or procrastinating. We are launching two of our brain children today: Happy go Artsy and Gracelily Invitation Co.

Let me first tell you about us. We are to creative sista-friends, born from the same momma and proud to be called sisters. We have been creating for years now, together and each on our own.

Our latest projects include graphic design and mixed media art. We love the digital easel as much as the messiness of paint on a canvas. So we have decided not to choose.  We also have a love for "lovely & beautiful" and so we are focusing Happy go Artsy on creating lovely pieces of artwork that inspire and encourage and from here teach others to do the same in the form of workshops. Gracelily Invitation Co is the digital part of our creative brain. We will be creating a catalogue of lovely and beautiful invitations for all occasions. Clients can choose from the catalogue and we will resample and personalise their choice from there. Gracelily will be internationally available to all and Happy go artsy will be localised where we are able to travel. We are based in South Africa.

For any enquiries about our workshop you can email us at: happy.artsy@gmail.com

If you need more info on our invitation company, go to gracelilyinvitationco.blogspot.com  We create invitations for all types of events and will specialise in weddings.

Have a great week!